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Посещение поликлиники: Грамматическая тема: Артикли с именами собственными

Автор: Maxvel 4-12-2015, 18:18

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Study the words and the word-combinations.


hospital – больница

surgery – хирургия

disease – болезнь

illness – нездоровье, болезнь

sickness – болезнь

lung – легкое

heart – сердце

liver – печень

chest – грудная клетка

stomach – желудок

skin – кожа

back – спина

ankle – лодыжка

knee – колено

drug – лекарство

pill – таблетка

drops – капли

ointment – мазь

gargle – полоскание (для горла) 

plaster – пластырь

injection – инъекция

pain – боль

ache – боль

stomachache – боль в животе

headache – головная боль

earache – боль в ухе

sore eyes – больные глаза

sore throat – боль в горле

cough – кашель

sneezing – чихание

running nose – насморк

flu – грипп

quinsy – острый тонзиллит

hay fever – сенная лихорадка

food poisoning – пищевое отравление

bronchitis – бронхит

cancer – рак 


I. Study the following expressions and translate them into Russian.


feel bad / sick / ill

fall ill / be taken ill

suffer from

have a sore throat / headache / temperature

catch cold / have a cold

have a heart attack

have a running / stuffed-up nose

lose appetite / voice

take blood pressure

examine / feel the pulse

sound the chest / heart / lungs

pull / take out a tooth

write a prescription

stop / fill a tooth 

take medicine

apply the ointment / drops

stay from work

be on a sick list


II.  Make your choice of the words in italics.


1. To work well you must be healthy/ ill.

2. It’s not healthy to be slim/stout.

3. A temperature is another word for illness/fever.

4. The doctor feels your pulse / temperature.

5. When something irritates your throat you have to cough/sneeze.

6. When something tickles inside your nose you have to sneeze/cough.

7. 1 can’t stand the pain. It’s very sharp /dull.

8. I think I’ve got flu /food poisoning. The weather was so wet these days.

9. When the doctor knows the symptoms he gives his diagnosis /medical insurance.

10. When you have recovered we say that the doctor has cured/treated you.

11. When you are seriously ill you are taken to a hospital/health center.


III. Put the sentences in the right order to make the story.


The boy is badly injured and he needs an operation.

A little boy has been knocked down and injured.

He is being examined by an ambulance man.

In a busy shopping street there has been an accident.

The boy’s parents can see him only during visiting hours.

He is being unconscious.

The boy is taken to hospital.

He will be soon operated on by a surgeon.


IV. Read the statement and say where the possible conversation can take place.

1) I’d like an appointment to see a doctor.

2) I’d like to arrange for my eyes to be tested.

3) You’d take two tablets twice a day. It’s written on the bottle.

4) I’m ringing to reconfirm my reservation on flight 210.

5) I’d like to see the manager about a loan.

6) I’d like to have my tooth removed.

(at an optician’s, at a bank, at a doctor’s office, at an airline office, at a chemist’s, at a dentist’s).


V. Choose the proper word from the list below.


1. I’m ... from pains in the liver. 2. The man was ... of his disease. 3. You must ... them with more consideration. 4. I doubt whether he will ... soon. The disease was very serious. 5. I’m ... my strength after the illness. 6. He ... his back when he fell. He was more frightened than .... 7.1 suffer from tooth ... very often. 8. My foot still ... me. 9. Medicine for lessening pain is called ... -killer/reliever. 10. Did the doctor promise a quick ... ? 11. There has been an ... that he’s got to take care of first. 12. If you ... cold you would ruin your holiday. 13. Some kinds of ... are: pills, capsules, mixtures, etc. 14. Your temperature is rather ... : 38,5 (thirty-eight point five). 15. He was ... on for appendicitis but it turns out to be something else. 16. The business of doctors is to prevent and ... diseases. 17.1 had my tonsils and adenoids ... 18. What did he die of? Did he suffer from any chronic ... or complications after a serious ...? 19. The nurse mixed the medicine and gave it to the ... man.

(losing, cured, treat, suffering, recover, ache, paying, high, hurt, hurts, pain, cure, sick, recovery, catch, medicine, emergency, operated, disease, removed, illness).


VI. Act out the following dialogues until you can perform them without reading.


Making an Appointment



- Can I fix an appointment with the doctor?

- Hold on a second, please. I’ll check his schedule. I’m afraid, he is busy. Will tomorrow morning suit you?

- What time?

- Let me see. 9 o’clock.

- Could I make it an hour earlier?

- Sorry, you can’t, but I’ll ring you if somebody cancels.



- Dr. Hall’s surgery.

- Er, good morning. I’d like to make an appointment to see a doctor.

- For which day?

- For today if possible.

- I’m sorry, we’re fully booked for today. Is tomorrow all right?

- I’m afraid, not. I do feel very ill. Can’t you fit me in today at all?

- Well, you might have to wait a long time but come along at 6.30 in the evening.

- Thank you.


At the Doctor’s Surgery



- Good morning. What’s wrong with you?

- I don’t feel very well, doctor.

- Tell me what seems to be the trouble.

- I’ve got a pain in my back.

- What sort of pain is it? Sharp? Dull?

- It’s very sharp.

- When did it start and how long have you been like this?

- It came on yesterday when I was playing tennis.

- Let me have a look... How does this feel?

- It’s very sore. Doctor, what should I do?



- Good morning, Mr. Green. How are you feeling today?

- Not very well doctor. My throat is sore and it is difficult to eat.

- Do you have fever?

- Yes, it was 37,5 in the morning My whole body aches. I took a hot lemonade but that didn’t help me much.

- From your symptoms it sounds like the case of the flu. I’ll check your throat and lungs now. Take a deep breath, the nurse will take your temperature and blood pressure later.

- I’ve a cough, too.

- Yes, your throat is inflamed, it’s very red. I’ll have to give you an injection.

- Can you give me a prescription for pills instead? I hate injections.

- An injection is better than pills. If I give you pills you’ll probably be ill for a few days. But if I give you an injection you’ll feel better tomorrow.

- Are you sure?

Yes, I’m, I’ll give you the sick list. You need a complete rest from work. Stay in bed for some days, have plenty of sleep and everything will be all right.

- Thank you, doctor. Good bye.

- Good bye . Take care of yourself. Call on me tomorrow.

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